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My name is Asuman Ssendegeya and I'm a software developer with a passion for creating beautiful and functional web applications.

I love solving problems with the magic of technology and code.

Whether its a Project, Job opportunity, or just a chat, feel free to contact me!



This is an ecommerce store with a complete userflow from selecting a product on the home page to checking out. The customer navigates five pages from the home page to the 'thankyou' page.

The customer is able to;

- See hover states for all interactive elements on the page.
-Add/Remove products from the cart.
- Edit product quantities in the cart.
- Have a 'buy it now' option that enables the customer to skip the cart section.
- Fill in all fields in the checkout.
- Receive form validations if fields are missed or incorrect during checkout.
- See correct checkout totals depending on the products in the cart.
- VAT is calculated as 3% of the product total, excluding shipping.
- Shipping always adds a certain amount to the order depending on the shippng method selected.
- Subscribe to the email list.
- Authenticate before completing the checkout process.
- See an Order confirmation modal after checking out with an order summary.
- Retain their products in the cart after refreshing the page or after leaving the website.
- Checkout using stripe. (The store is using a special card number from stripe for only testing purposes.)

Technologies used in the project

online ordering web application for a modern cafe


This a web application allows a user to order food from a modern cafe.
The user can choose from a variety of meals and drinks that belong to a variety of categories.
Then the user can add the selected drink/meal to the cart.
A user can edit the quantity of the selected meal within the cart.

Technologies used in the project


Based on the user's height and weight, this application will return;
- BMI (Body Mass Index)
- BMI category (e.g Underweight, Normal, Overweight, Obese)
- And Ideal Weight. This depends on the user's height. The ideal weight is returned in units that the user chose - i.e pounds or kilogrammes.

All the user has to do is to enter their height and weight.
Inorder to provide a better user experince, the user can choose the units they are comfortable with - that is meters(m) or feet(ft) for height. For weight, its either pounds(Ibs) or kilograms(kgs).

Technologies used in the project